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Im a 3D Artist currently based in Toronto, Canada. I currently hold two diplomas, one in Industrial Design and the other in Animation for Video Games.

Back in the day I loved playing video games and naturally I wanted to wreck the magic that made them so great, So I started learning everything I could about how they are made. After teaching myself modeling using 3ds Max and applying the knowledge I learned in high school using Auto CAD. I attended the Video Game Design and Development Course at the Academy of Design at RCC Institute of Technology, where I specialised in 3D Model creation, unwrapping, and texturing, however I found out that if you know about all the other things like animation, rigging, scripting, ect. it makes your life a lot easier, so i dabbled in them as well.

This Site is my Portfolio. All of the work you see here is created by me. If you wish to contact me you can use the linksbelow.



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